Outsource your Privacy Function to MPC's VirtualCPO™

Canada's Best Virtual CPO and DPO Service

Why Trust MPC's VirtualCPO™?

A VirtualCPO™ is your link between management, IT and compliance groups, effectively bridging the gaps in security, personal information protection and regulatory requirements. What sets the MPC VirtualCPO™ Managed Privacy Program apart from the competition in this saturated space? Three competitive advantages.

VirtualCPO™ Brings Credibility

Your MPC Risk Advisor™ is a dedicated privacy pro, certified to manage data protection projects, interface with IT and security teams and confidentially advise all levels of management.

VirtualCPO™ Enables Compliance

Whether you require a Virtual Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) or a privacy assessment, MPC employs certified professionals to facilitate compliance with legislation such as PIPEDA, PHIPA, MFIPPA, Bill 64 and Loi 25.

VirtualCPO™ Delivers Education

Verify™ clients receive year-round education, consulting and training from e-learning tools as well as live, certified privacy professionals who report to executives and engage with employees.